Agricopter 40 Of The Drones Market Work In Agriculture

The market volume of unmanned aerial vehicles in Ukraine has reached $1 million per month, and 40% work in agriculture, Aggeek reports.

The farmers today have enough financial opportunities and there is a great interest and need to invest in this area, experts explain such a high proportion.

At the same time, 50-60% of the Ukrainian drones market is accounted for by the Chinese company DJI, one of the leaders and worldwide production of UAVs (the share of the world market is 70%). Their turnover in 2018 was $3 billion.

DJI try to compete Yuneec, Parrot, 3DR, Hubsan. Ukrainian production of drones is also developing, but its segment in the domestic market is small yet.

In agriculture, UAVs are mainly used for spraying fields and creating orthophoto maps.

In addition, their functions include thermal imaging and spectral imaging to estimate the temperature in the fields, and protection of land.

Today, mostly large enterprises can buy drones. To use them, they create separate units. The cheapest copter with a thermal imager costs about 80 thousand UAH.

By preventing thefts and for other optimization of production, which the UAVs give, the company returns the money invested in the drone in a month, a maximum of three.

As we wrote earlier, lawmakers have limited the weight of the drone, which can be used in the airspace of Ukraine to 20 kg, and it should not rise above 120 m.