The Belarusian authorities arrested a 32-year-old Ukrainian who organized illegal export of fruits and vegetables to Russia, which was banned by economic sanctions against the Russian Federation, “Novoye Vremya” reports.

In 2017-2018, citizens of Ukraine and Russia bought apples and tomatoes in Poland and Ukraine, imported them to Belarus, and then transported them to Russia for sale.

Belarusian law enforcement officers detained two trucks with the products of a total volume of 40 tons, they seized seals, stamps, data carriers, accounting documents, which were kept in four front companies.

Part 3 of Art. 233 “Illegal entrepreneurial activity” threatens to the violators as part of an organized group of the Criminal Code of Belarus. It provides for the maximum penalty, 7 years in prison.

According to the financial policy of Belarus, for the two years of illegal re-export of banned vegetables and fruits, the “businessmen” could get about $150 thousand.

As we wrote earlier, the lion’s share of exports of Ukrainian tomatoes goes to Belarus. Experts admit that through Belarus most tomatoes are re-exported to Russia, which was previously the largest buyer of Ukrainian vegetables.