Apples To Poland Exports Of The Ukrainian Apples Will Continue To Grow If They Are Higher Quality Than The Polish Ones

Unprecedented overproduction of apples in Ukraine and in the EU countries this season should be exported to Europe, according to the EastFruit analysts.

But such a forecast can work only for those gardeners who grow high-quality apples. They have all chances to get a good price when exporting. By the way, the export price is always much higher than for the same apples that are sold on the domestic market.

Now several Ukrainian companies successfully ship apples to foreign markets, and their exports are at least five times higher than at the same time in 2017.

Sales to other countries will continue to grow in the second half of the season, analysts predict, especially for manufacturers with a GLOBALG.A.P certificate and an adequate supply of apples in storage.

Their prices will be reasonable, although not as high as last year.

At the same time, for successful export, Ukrainians will need to supply apples of higher quality than those of the Poles. Polish production will reach 5 million tons this season, and Poland exports a significant part of this crop annually.

As we wrote earlier, because of the large harvest of apples, gardeners have to sell high-quality fruit at prices a decade old.