The implementation of the amaranth processing project requires €4 million. This is evidenced by the calculations of the analytical company Pro-Consulting.

Most of the costs (40%) will go to the equipment, another 37% to purchase raw materials. About 13% of the costs take the production premises.

The annual processing capacity of the new enterprise will be 3 thousand tons of seeds. From them, oil, oil extract, flour, and granulated pet food will be produced.

According to calculations, the average return on sales of finished products will be 30%, that is, each euro will have €0.3 of net profit.

The funds invested in the creation of the enterprise will pay off in less than 2.5 years (30 months), taking into account the discount, which indicates a high investment attractiveness of the project, analysts conclude.

By the way, according to market participants, this year, about 1000 hectares were sown with amaranth in Ukraine. It is a drought-resistant plant that is suitable for all regions. It is a good precursor in a crop rotation and improves soil productivity. However, growing amaranth requires much effort.

Now there is a shortage of amaranth grain on the market. Commodity amaranth is bought at 25 thousand UAH/t, organic one costs 35 thousand UAH/t.