The largest agricultural holdings of Ukraine, included in the list of economic sanctions imposed by Russia, responded to this action of the Russian government.

“The sanctions imposed on November 1 will not affect the activities of Kernel,”  the company’s website says.

At the same time, the holding, owned by Andrei Verevsky, admits that it owns an asset in the Russian Federation through a joint venture, but has not been operating in the Russian Federation for several years.

Yury Kosyuk’s Myronivsky Hliboprodukt also reported that the measures of Russia would not affect the business interests of the company, neither economic nor reputational since MHP does not trade with Russia.

Neither NIBULON, nor its owner, Alexey Vadatursky has no accounts, no property, and production on the territory of the Russian Federation, the website of the holding reports. The official statement clarifies: “We do not have any trade relations with Russian and other companies of the post-Soviet countries, since the mid-90s.”

Since 2013, NIBULON has stopped buying Russian-made goods and equipment,  the press center says.

“Such actions by Russia are quite expected,” the release concludes. “This is the revenge for the patriotic position of the Hero of Ukraine Alexey Vadatursky regarding military aggression on the territory of Ukraine and the annexation of the Crimean peninsula.”

As we wrote, the list of economic sanctions of Russia hit more than two dozen companies associated with the agricultural industry.