The “Impak” company has planted the first pecan orchard in Ukraine. reports  about this, with reference to the head of the company Sergey Malinovsky 

According to him, they are not talking about a “goldmine” or an ambitious business project. Walnut growing is not that kind of activity where you can make money quickly. For the fruiting of the orchard, you must wait 7 years.

At the same time, any nut project will not fail. “The world price for the unhulled nut on market is at least a dollar. Thus, a hectare of an orchard, in any case, can give $1-2 thousand of net profit,” Malinovsky counts.

In total, “Impak” has 80 hectares under various nuts. They grow Moldovan, Ukrainian and European varieties.

It should be noted that previously in Ukraine, the attempts to grow pecan were already taken. It is much higher valued and worth more than a walnut. However, farmers are afraid to plant industrial orchards because of climatic conditions, the fruits do not always have time to ripen.

“In order for the seed to reach ripeness, the average daily temperature must be plus 10 degrees with no frosts until November. And such conditions nature gives not every year,  but approximately once every four to five years, ” the “Orehovod” quotes Viktor Zhadan, senior research officer for breeding and seed production.

Now, for example, in the territory of the Izmail forestry there are pecan trees that have been growing for over 60 years, the publication adds. But in general, they can bear fruit even for 300 years.