Starchy Roshen Poroshenko Is To Build A Manufacture For The Production Of Modified Starch

Dniprovsky Starch Factory, controlled by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, is planning to build new facilities for the production of modified starch.

According to the company’s message written in the register of environmental impact assessment, the new plant will be located on the basis of the existing production in the Dniprovskiy village.

They will produce dry native and modified starch from corn raw materials. The technological process includes drying, sieving, and storage of products.

The capacity of the workshop will be 250 tons per day, and the expected construction time is about three years (34 months).

For the construction of the plant, a plot of land with an area of 0.58 hectares is allocated. The creation of 60 jobs is planned.

The company notes that the planned activities will not have a negative impact on the flora and fauna. Emissions of pollutants will be insignificant, within normal limits.

It should be noted that the modified starch is a product treated with adipic and acetic anhydrides. When processing such a starch, one or several initial characteristics are changed, due to which it is resistant to high temperatures.

Such a product does not lose its qualities even with repeated freezing and thawing, and the shelf life of the product even increases in low-temperature conditions. Modified starch does not belong to genetically modified products.