The Whole Collective Farm More Than 20 Companies Related To Agriculture Are Under Russian Sanctions

The list of economic sanctions imposed by the Russian government against Ukraine on November 1, includes more than 20 agrarian enterprises or companies processing agricultural products and serving the agrarian industry. It follows from a decree signed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

In particular, the list includes:


“Myronivsky Hliboproduct”



“Fozzi Group” (Silpo and Fora supermarket chains)

“Azot” (Cherkasy)

“State Food and Grain Corporation of Ukraine”

“Kharkiv Tractor Plant”

“Agromars Complex”



“Zernoproduct MHP”

“Myronivsky Plant for Manufacturing Groats and Feeds”

“Myasnaya Fabrika “Favorit Plus”

“Nika Ahrotreyd”


“Starynska Breeding Farm Agricultural LLC (Kiev region)


“Torgoviy Dim “Agroimport LTD” Limited Liability Company

“Ukragro NPK”


“Ukrainian Bacon”

In addition, the list of sanctions includes owners of agribusiness, food processing, and retail: Andriy Verevskyi, Yuriy Kosiuk, Oleksyi Vadaturskyi, Galina and Alexander Gerega, Taras Barschovskyi, Volodymyr Kostelman.

In general, the list consists of 322 people and 68 companies. Economic sanctions against them imply the blocking of non-cash funds, non-documentary securities, and property in the territory of the Russian Federation and a ban on the transfer of funds (withdrawal of capital) outside of Russia.