Package Solution One Plastic Elevator Saves 27 Thousand Tons Of Grain For Three Years

Huge mounds of grain covered with plastic wrap, this is a little-known method of storing products at elevators was offered by American experts from Kansas to Ukrainian farmers, writes the Information and Consulting Center for Transport Strategies.

At first glance, it is too simple and unreliable, but this technology provides the necessary preservation of grain and is very economical. Warehouse construction is not required.

Grain is simply covered with a film, under which air is pumped to ensure ventilation and better drying. From time to time, the air is pumped out and then pumped in again.

On the territory of the railway grain terminal of the MKC agricultural enterprise in Milan (Kansas, USA) 120 thousand tons of 200 thousand tons of grain are stored under plastic film, and only the remainder is stored in conventional silos.

One plastic sheet can cover up to 27 thousand tons, for example, of corn grain. And it can be stored there for two or three years, but only if that you do not break the hermetic state.

If the warehouse is opened, then the product needs to be sold in a week, at most two. To pack it back and keep the grain safe will be difficult.

With this method of storing grain, the losses amount to 3-5%, the terminal manager says.