From 2019, walnut gardening farms will begin to unite to create large export batches,  AgroTimes reports, citing the words of Gennady Yudin, vice president of the Ukrainian Nut Association.

If the orchards work and sell their products legally, then for the successful export they need cooperation, the expert is sure. And today, “no one, even the largest manufacturer, would not be able to independently fulfill a serious contract.”

The association initiates the union of nut producers, and this will allow to create commodity lots necessary for foreign markets and to increase the competitiveness of Ukrainian companies on them.

In addition, export lots should be not just big, but high-quality, Yudin stresses, therefore walnut growers need modern special-quality orchards.

That products that today come from Ukraine to the black export market, are mostly heterogeneous and poor-quality.

If doing legal business, you can apply for state support, Yudin says.

As we wrote earlier, the USDA raised the forecast for the production of Ukrainian nuts in the 2018/19 marketing season by 17% to 127 thousand tons. This will allow the country to gain a foothold in the TOP-3 world producers.