Ukraine has great opportunities to export organic products to Canada. This opinion was expressed by Zoya Pavlenko, an expert on the CUTIS project in a blog on Agravery.

The expert notes that Canada and the United States are those countries where buyers spend a lot on organic products. For the US market, this is €121 per person per year, for Canada, it is € 83 per year.


The Canadian market of organic products is the fifth largest in the world. China and France are ahead of it.

The value of the Canadian market is €3 billion. It is 90% filled with organic foods and beverages. These are fresh vegetables and fruits (40%), drinks (13%), dairy products, eggs (12%), cereals, pasta, bread (9%).

The most popular is organic coffee, bananas, strawberries, green salads, tomatoes and tomato paste. Also, Canadians can buy juices, sweets, dried and frozen vegetables, snacks.


These products are in the top positions of Canadian organic imports, the expert notes and adds, “Despite the fact that the country is a large producer of organics, there are not enough products, it means a market opportunity for Ukrainian producers.”

A typical consumer of organic products in Canada is a young man aged 18-34 years old, a city dweller. The families with children are also ready to give money for organic products.

It should be noted that Canada has its own national organic standards.

As of today, the industry is guided by the Canada Organic Regulations, which were adopted in 2009. However, an active phase of deregulation of regulatory documents is taking place in Canada, literally in June a new regulatory act was published, which also concerns organic products.

A revision of the standards is scheduled for 2020. Therefore, for organic producers should hold a hand on pulse, since the situation is changing quite dynamically, the expert adds.