Ukraine continues to sell the remains of watermelons. Despite the fact that the season is over, farmers sell berries from refrigerators, and their prices are rising, and if there are export batches of the required quality, the berries remain highly competitive in the Polish market, east-fruit writes.

Last week, Ukrainian producers sold watermelons at an average of $0.18/kg. This is 17.6% more expensive than a week earlier, but 5 times cheaper than in Poland. Last week the berries were sold at $ 0.8-1.00/kg there.

Analysts say that this year, thanks to a warm autumn, the export of Ukrainian watermelons will last longer than usual. If in past years the last shipments were carried out in the first half of October, then this year they can last until the beginning of November. At the same time, Poland will remain a priority market.

By the way, Ukraine set the record for the export of watermelons in 2015. Then over 29 thousand tons were sold to the foreign market. Then, for two years in a row, exports declined. In 2018, it can grow again, but in the long run, farmers are advised to revise the list of cultivated varieties and hybrids.

In particular, they should pay attention to the seedless and small size watermelons, which are loved by European consumers.

We recall that this year it was the size of Ukrainian watermelons that became a deterrent to sales in the Baltic market. The berries were cheap but too big. To stimulate demand, Latvian supermarkets cut watermelons into 2-4 pieces, but even this way they did not always fit in the usual shopping bags.