Farmers who have registered their enterprises since January 1, 2016, will receive additional subsidies from the state, AgroNews reports, citing Viktor Sheremeta, deputy minister of agricultural policy of Ukraine.

The government introduces direct support per hectare, as in the EU countries. There it is equal to 100 euros, in Ukraine it will be 3 thousand UAH. This support is provided for farmers owning fields of up to 20 hectares. That is, such agrarian will be able to get at most 60 thousand UAH.

In addition, the government supplemented its decree on financial support for the development of farms with another innovation. The farms will receive a subsidy of 9.5 thousand UAH for each employee of the farm.

“This is direct support for a working registered member of the farm,” Sheremeta stresses. “But this amount is not more than 30 thousand UAH, that is, only three members of one farm will receive this subsidy. As a rule, our small farms do not include more than three members, if a farm is bigger, it will receive money just for three members, the same. ”

There is one more change in the resolution: the authorities have increased the list of banks, for loans in which farmers are entitled to receive compensation from the state. Until now, this could only be done in four state banks. Now the commercial ones are added to them.

As we wrote earlier, Maxim Martynyuk, First Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine, is considering the possibility of increasing subsidies to farmers and expanding the program to reduce the cost of cows.

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