Our diet of the future is a plant-based food. At least, this is evidenced by the products that were presented at SIAL Paris 2018, the most innovative food and beverage exhibition,  Zhanna Dufina FAO’s national consultant in Ukraine writes about it in her blog at ukrainefood.

Among those products represented in Paris, there were legumes, cereals, dried vegetables and fruits, berries, and even acorns and nuts. Some products with milk could be found, of course, lactose-free. And the meat could be seen only in a separate category.

All futuristic student projects are also vegetarian, Dufina points out.

Among the new products, the specialist identifies spire, an Italian vegan snack based on spirulina, peas and rice flour.


Or Cheese it! It is a food mixture based on ground cashew (60%), agar, potato starch, yeast, salt, and citric acid. When you mix all these with aquafaba, you get vegan cheese.

Aquafaba itself is a decoction that remains after cooking chickpeas or other legumes, another very fashionable vegan ingredient that replaces eggs in dishes.

“Everything is very technological and absolutely natural,” Dufina says.

Even meat seemed to be real, in fact, can be vegetarian. “I tried a soy substitute and did not even immediately realize that it was not real meat. Texture, sauce, and spices work,” the expert says.

At the same time, she adds that in the diet of the future there is a place for desserts. They are also vegan, chocolate mousse with aquafaba, fruit and berry sauces or hot chocolate with acorns.