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In the port “Chernomorsk”, in Odessa region, they have been holding a wagon with 300 sheep of the Romanov breed for almost two weeks. More than half of them have already died from hunger and smell of rotting flesh, UNIAN reports.

The cattle truck is returned from Turkey during an export attempt by the Ukrainian company “Ukraniksar” (Dnipropetrovsk region), specializing in the breeding of sheep and goats.

Port officials say they do not let the sheep go back to Ukraine because of “some kind of procedures.” Now the animals are dying and rotting.

Elena Sevinch, director of “Ukraniksar”, said that in Turkey the truck was sent by ferry on October 6, but the recipient did not come for the cargo. Therefore, without passing through customs control, the truck with the sheep was returned to Ukraine, and it arrived at the port of Chernomorsk on October 12.

“Here, veterinarians have banned entry, stating that sheep can be potentially dangerous. Like, only for recycling, but for this they do not provide any documents,” Sevinch says.

According to her, the State Food Service in Kiev first told her to return the sheep to Turkey or “utilize healthy animals.” Now they say that the request will be considered in turn.

The director says that she is trying to feed the animals and give them water, but it is impossible to reach every animal. “More than half of the animals have already died from hunger, thirst, and rotting flesh poison, those alive, breathing this poison, are falling and dying …”, said Sevinch.

All 300 sheep are young animals, many of them were pregnant when they were sent to Turkey, but now in the port, they have “lost fetuses”.