To Poison Impossible To Pardon The Court Reduced The Compensation Monsanto Is To Pay To A Cancer Patient By 4 Times
Фото: MintPress News

The District Court of San Francisco has reduced the amount Monsanto has to pay as a compensation to a cancer victim, by 4 times, that is $78 million instead of $289 million, Interfax-Ukraine reports.

This is about the school gardener Dwayne Johnson, who used Roundup herbicide and became ill with cancer.

The jury found that the glyphosate contained in the company’s mean for killing weeds had greatly contributed to the development of cancer in a 46-year-old farmer.

At the same time, Monsanto itself did not warn buyers of herbicides that they could cause cancer. Concealing this fact was found to be malicious.

Immediately after that, the shares of Bayer, which had previously acquired Monsanto for $63 billion, fell by 10%.

By the way, Johnson’s has been diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin lymphoma in 2014. The gardener told that he had been using Roundup for years and spilled it on himself several times, by negligence.

At the same time, it should be noted that there is no consensus on the consequences of using glyphosate. The International Agency for Research on Cancer considers this substance “likely carcinogenic”, while the EPA claims that glyphosate is safe when used cautiously.

Monsanto itself appeals that, according to more than 800 scientific studies and reviews, glyphosate does not cause cancer.

The debates over the safety of glyphosate have been going on for some years in the world. Germany and France are phasing out the use of it. Meanwhile, at the end of last year, the EU Commission has renewed the license for glyphosate.