Pi R Numbers A Successful Agricultural Company Is About Math And Not Only Financial One

The function of PR for business is now becoming as important as finance or legal protection. And, by the way, many owners of companies still have a question “why?” You bet! At first glance, PR does not work “from 9 to 18”.

You do not need to submit PR reports to the tax authorities. And there is no fine for refusing to give commentary to the media. Although in real life it happens that for the PR-mistakes a company should pay more than just a fine.

PR is another dimension and the goal setting that contains such virtual psychological parameters about the company as “I know – I don’t know”, “I believe – I don’t believe”, “I want – I don’t want”, “I will – I won’t”.

To achieve the status of “I know, I believe, I want, I will be” and is a key indicator of the  PR effectiveness. And this is a matter of time, systematic work with the media and informing the public about the activities. As a result, then comes the formation of a circle of like-minded people, loyal partners and customers, and so on.

How to calculate the PR in money, or at least in some understandable figures, such as kilograms or liters. It is most convenient to measure the effectiveness of PR in such quantities as the number of publications, the number of contacts and media value.


First, find out. In fact, if you engage in public relations purposefully and regularly, then they will not only learn more about the company, they will make a positive opinion about it.

Mathematically, it might look like this. One news released by a PR specialist is, for example, 10 publications in the media. Depending on the rating of the media resource, these 10 publications would read 10 thousand people.

For one advertisement in the media, you need to pay a certain amount. But a professional PR specialist’s priority is not only the need to meet the budget (or save the company’s money) but, first of all, the desire to interest the society with his message (and this, accordingly, will provide the company with additional market recognition).

Remember business style. Each market, including the agricultural market, has its own specifics, competitors, brands, products, industry organizations, and the press. In order not to be in the shadows, each player seeks to stand out, show his uniqueness and win more supporters.


The active social attitude of the company, news, activities and the development of relations make a business style so that the company will be remembered and talked about. A PR specialist understands that you should declare yourself at least 1-3 times a month.

The topics can be different: the company’s activity, participation in the conference, new products. So, the first indicator of the effectiveness of PR is the number of news or press releases.

Make money on the news about yourself. The news means a lot for the media market. First of all, they confirm that the company is alive and well, that something important is happening in it, and that it wants to tell about it. Well, as in everyday life, we also love talking about ourselves.

The effectiveness of the company’s influence depends on what media resources published the news about it on their websites. So, the number of publications posted is the second indicator of the PR effectiveness.

About PR money. Each post has its equivalent in money, their media value. It is thanks to the professional level that the company has optimized these expenses, having reported through the media the news that it is useful to society, service consumers, contractors, and partners.

So, the third indicator of the PR effectiveness is financial. It can be assumed that for many companies the media value is the most pleasant indicator.

However, the effectiveness of news in the media is not about money. This is about the recognition of a corporate brand, its mentioning, quoting, all these things put together, make a reputation.

In your own field. News for the media is usually posted also on the corporate website of the company. Analytics of your own web resource also provides several performance indicators: the number of visitors to the site and what categories they read.

The site where news is posted is actually a living information field of the company. And it can also be “counted.” If you have your own pages on social networks – on Facebook, Instagram, Telegram or YouTube – then these are additional contacts with interested parties and audiences to form an opinion about yourself.

Googling about yourself. In general, the easiest way to evaluate the effectiveness of PR is to simply google your name in a search. And then everything you did will emerge – the main topics, news, resources.

Here is an opportunity to think: does your company need it? Maybe you should change the target of the information and tell something else, strategic, with amenities and advantages. To consolidate a different opinion about yourself on the market. Or probably go to other media platforms, And then calculate the new number of contacts and media equivalent.

It is an interesting exercise, which opens a different opinion about the company, which it is not visible from the inside, isn’t it? Or see it from leadership’s point of view. Perhaps, under such conditions, the skeptics will finally believe in PR?

Elena OBUKHOVSKAYA, communications expert

Source: “AgroMarket” newspaper