EASTERN design office aims to build ‘the biggest greenhouse in human history’, expanding over 150,000 m2 in northern China, designboom.com writes.

A greenhouse aims not so much to grow plants but to entertain tourists, attracting them to Hebei province.


The large-scale proposal imagines a botanical garden, surrounded by 286 m to 310 m high mountains for which there is a plan to transform them into a touristic area to attract billions of visitors.


the 15-hectare valley is to be planted with trees and other flora from Hainan Island. The entire valley will be covered with glass roofs. There is a plan to transform all this area into a touristic zone with exhibition centers, conference halls, hotels, sports facilities, shops, and residential developments.

“We use the primary form of the valley to build a greenhouse. Nature itself creates the most beautiful forms,” say the architects.


And they add that the new methods will be used in the construction, that have not yet been used in architecture.