In the village Nyzhnia Syrovatka in the Sumy region, one of the storage bins of the grain elevator has blown up. The surrounding area, the station street, and vegetable gardens are covered with 10 thousand tons of corn. reports about it with reference to the information of local residents.

“Near the elevator, there are houses where people live. One barrel of the three largest blew up at night and a big mountain of metal and corn covered the entire territory near the elevator,” Bogdan Andrukh said.

According to him, the company did not stop working, so he called the police.

Locals believe that the elevator did not adhere to the rules: there was no filter, there was always a lot of dust.

“Corn was poured on the vegetable gardens, concrete slabs were smashed and blown to a vegetable garden. The same barrel stands next to another house, if it explodes, then this house will simply be covered with grain,” the peasants fear.


According to TSN, the elevator was damaged not by an explosion, but by the overload.