On the 3.5-hectare plantation of pumpkins, you can earn 300 thousand UAH in one season. This is evidenced by the experience of the farmer Leonid Gasyuk, who grows vegetables in Dovzhok village, in Khmelnytskiy region, and recycles seeds for oil, expres.online writes.

According to the farmer, the best oil is made from gymnospermous pumpkins.

To get a high yield of seeds, he uses crops thickening, planting each plant at a distance of 0.4-1.5 meters. He also applies additional watering.

From 4 kg of pumpkin seeds, Gasyuk gets a liter of oil. In general, on his plantation, he annually grows 2 tons of raw materials, from which 500 kg of oil can be squeezed.

He earns 600 UAH/liter, whereas, for the seeds, the purchasers offer only 40 UAH/kg.

“Only seed material costs 400-600 UAH/kg. Add the cost of harvesting and drying. Therefore, I decided to squeeze and sell oil,” explains the farmer and adds that there is a demand for such products — pumpkin seed oil is used in cooking and the pharmaceutical industry.

To reduce production costs, Gasyuk switched from purchased seeds to his own. He prepares fertilizer on his own, composting leaves and weeds.

For harvesting, he uses his own combine. He also has a firewood dryer that cost 25 thousand UAH. The farmer squeezes the oil on his oil press that costs 15 thousand UAH.

We recall that in 2018, Ukrainian agrarian enterprises doubled the acreage under pumpkins on the background of high export demand.

Earlier, AgroDay wrote that investment in the cultivation of pumpkins paid off in 4.5 months.