The market of supermarkets and hypermarkets has become quite competitive, so in the next 3-5 years, a new network format in the grocery retail will develop — the convenience stores. Andrey Zhuk, the head of the board of the Ukrainian Retail Association, shared his expectations.

“Network players are just starting to appear. For example, such as Blizenko in Lviv and Kolo in Kiev,” Zhuk says.

Usually, they are retail outlets up to 100 square meters in the city center or in the inaccessible places where a large supermarket cannot be opened.

Such a format, said Zhuk, is widely developed in Poland. They have 6,000 such stores.

But the larger retail has to compete for the consumer. This leads to the emergence of new interesting cases: the creation of food courts in the trading floors, the introduction of bonuses in the form of toys/discounts, etc. for a certain sum in the bill.

Also, Zhuk gives an example of Goodwine. This niche store sells a million bottles a year and creates a culture of wine consumption among consumers itself.

One of the network features is its permanent customer base. They attend various network events: sommelier courses, tastings, lessons, and master classes. It develops brand loyalty and boosts sales during such events.

By the way, according to a study by GT Partners Ukraine, fewer new grocery shops are opening in Ukraine. In the first half of 2017, 229 of them appeared, while in the same period of the current year there are 201.