By the spring of 2019, Ukrainian honey is to grow at least twice as expensive. Vadim Pankovsky, commercial director of Bartnik LLC, shared these forecasts, iAgro reports.

He recalls that in February-March 2018, exporters of honey artificially raised the price level of purchases to almost $ 2/kg for two weeks. “Beekeepers were pleased, and they hope that this situation will happen again,” says Pankovsky.

The current prices that are established on the market, beekeepers do not consider adequate. Today, they are $1.3-1.5/kg on average. In neighboring Belarus, the price is about $3, in Moldova, it is $3.5.

Honey producers complain that dealers deliberately lower prices. Exporters appeal by the fact that the demand for Ukrainian honey abroad is falling. The main buyers, the EU and  the USA, have accumulated considerable reserves of honey, so they will not buy expensive and will be gradually reducing import volumes.


This is confirmed by statics. For the first 9 months of this year, the export of Ukrainian honey compared to the same period last year decreased by 40%, to 28 thousand tons.

“Obviously, we are losing not only in kind and monetary terms but also our positions in the key markets for Ukrainian honey,” said Ann Burka, FAO’s national consultant on her Facebook page.



So far, the beekeepers sell honey reluctantly, holding it until the time when the price will be higher. Vladimir Stretovich, president of the Ukrainian Beekeepers Association, expects that by the end of the year honey will add in the price of 5-6 UAH per kilogram.

By the way, the production of honey in Ukraine is mainly amateur: from 80-100 thousand tons of total volume, the share of agricultural enterprises is up to 10%, the rest is provided by households.