Ukraindia Saffron Began To Move To The North Of Ukraine

Kirill Kochergin from the Matveyevka village, Zaporizhia region, started growing saffron,  Zanoza reports.

On two hundred square meters, the farmer and his family planted 9 thousand bulbs. In the past, they grew strawberries and raspberries in this area, however, due to high costs and a fall in the price of berries, they switched to a higher gross margin business.

World prices for saffron range from $3 to $30-35 per gram. Kherson farmers, from whom Kochergin took the example, sell their saffron crop at $ 5/g.

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One bulb of saffron seedlings costs 6-10 UAH at retail, depending on the size and weight. In the wholesale, you can buy them for $ 7-15/kg. For planting, you need to prepare the ground in a certain way. However, the arid conditions of the Zaporizhia region are quite suitable for this plant. Saffron does not require watering and nourishment.

For 1 g of his saffron, the Zaporizhia farmer set the price of 195 UAH. From his plot, he expects to collect from 60 to 100 g of stamens. To get 1 g of spices, you need to collect about 150 flowers. Each flower has 3 stamens and in 1 g there are about 450.

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At the peak of flowering Kochergin collects 3-4 thousand flowers a day. On October 1, his plantation began to blossom and reached its peak in two weeks.

The main time and efforts of the farmer are needed to sort and dry the flowers. Saffron is a perennial crop, and its bulbs can be obtained by breeding, gradually increasing the acreage. It is what Kochergin is going to do. He will sell the spice at retail.