The development of cafes, small bakeries, fast-food and street-food in Ukraine encourages consumers to increasingly switch to non-traditional types of bread and bakery products, according to a study by analytical company Pro-Consulting.

Ukrainians have already tasted muffins and donuts popular in the EU and the USA, which is reflected in the rapid growth in demand for them. For now, the donut segment is even smaller than the muffin segment, but there are more and more places where you can buy these American cakes.

Analysts say that muffins came to the domestic market before donuts and are now more common. To maintain consumer interest in this product, manufacturers are increasingly diversifying the assortment, using various flavor additives.

Another growing segment in the market is the production of ciabatta and hot dog buns.

The driver of this growth was the development of catering, fast food, restaurant, and hotel business.

In addition, the recent years’ trend has been an increase in the market of domestic dough and dough mixes. If earlier the share of imported products exceeded 23%, now it is only 15%.

However, many Ukrainians do not mind making bread themselves. But without wasting time on the most time-consuming operation, the preparation of the dough. Therefore, it is also getting more frozen dough on the market.

In contrast, the traditional bread market in Ukraine is constantly shrinking. Production volumes fall by 5-10% annually.

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