About 50 people are already engaged in the cultivation of truffles in Ukraine. They have either found old plantations or are already working on establishing new ones. This was said by Alexander Dzhiga in an interview with agronews. In the Vinnytsia region, he has been growing the most expensive mushrooms for several years.

“Someone takes the material abroad, someone takes the local truffle for breeding,” said the farmer.

Dzhiga has a 1.5-hectare truffle plantation. Next spring, he plans to establish the same area. The first mushrooms will come from there in the 2021st.

But he notes that the truffle market has not yet been formed in Ukraine. The demand is provided by individual restaurants and is usually satisfied by imports.

“One of the Ukrainian chains is ready to take 15 kg of truffles a week. The only term is that the product must arrive permanently. Another restaurant chain wanted to receive 10 kg per week, but we refused because there is no stable volume yet,” Dzhiga says.

Now in Ukraine, it is planned to create a professional association of truffle producers. This is The Italian and Spanish producers are to help them because they see the prospect of production here and would like to buy mushrooms in the future.

Europeans are ready to share their experience and invite Ukrainian farmers to visit their plantations, Dzhiga says. They also promise to teach Ukrainians how to promote this product.

By the way, now the largest producer of wild-growing truffles is Bulgaria. This field is also developed in Slovakia and Romania. The biggest area of the industrial plantations has Spain.

Earlier, AgroDay wrote that 200 kg of “truffle gold” was collected annually from a two-hectare plantation in Sicily.