Just A Load Of Moonshine Moonshine Costs Ukrainians 13 Times Cheaper Than Vodka From The Store

To make a half-liter of moonshine costs the Ukrainians only 7 UAH, while the cheapest vodka from the store shelf costs almost 90 UAH. Alexey Doroshenko, the chairman of the Association of Retail Suppliers, shared his calculations on his Facebook page.

“Calvados of apples, if you buy them, costs 87 UAH, and chacha, if you buy grapes, costs 112 UAH. If you have your own harvest, then the cost (of self-produced alcohol — ed.) Is almost zero,” he notes.

We recall that from this week the minimum wholesale and retail prices for alcohol have been raised once again, in Ukraine. Wines are now 4.5-13.5% more expensive, a cognac is 6.6-9.5% more, and whiskey, gin and rum prices increased by 12%. Other alcoholic beverages rose in price by 12-19.6%.

The government explained that the increase in the price of drinks is associated with the rise in the price of alcohol, packaging, and components.

At the same time, experts say, it will only encourage Ukrainians to buy cheap counterfeit. Or to make their own moonshine, Doroshenko notes.

“Does the government really believe that it would be possible to increase revenues to the budget due to an extraordinary increase in minimum retail prices, without increasing the shadow market?” Ukrainians “distilled, are distilling and will distill,” the head of the Association concludes.

By the way, according to the calculations of the European Business Association, in comparison with 2017, twice as much fake alcohol appeared in Ukraine.