In the next 3-4 years, the growth rate of craft breweries in Ukraine will be about 3% per year, Investor writes, citing experts in the beer market. But only if always rising excise rates do not prevent this growth, they clarify.

In contrast to the decline in industrial production of cheap beer in Ukraine, in particular by 7.4% in 2017, the crafting sector is growing, although its market share remains low. Last year it was 1%. For comparison, in the US, this proportion is 12%.

Today, out of 125 Ukrainian breweries, 35 are craft breweries. At the same time, there are about 1 thousand in Germany, and more than 4 thousand in the USA

For the time being, the high cost of its products is holding this business back, when comparing with traditional beer from large companies.

Increasingly, craft breweries open simultaneously with the bar, which sells the own-produced foamy drink. On average, to open such a place, the costs from $200 thousand are needed, according to experts.

In the future, the main item of expenditure becomes raw materials that are hops. Its cost will vary from 6 euros per 1 kg, if it is imported, to 0.5 euro for Ukrainian hop.

As we wrote earlier, in the current season we can expect a rise in prices for malting barley. The reason for this is increased competition for raw materials.