Starting costs for establishing a kiwi plantation will be $15 thousand per hectare. Approximately $3 thousand will be spent on drip irrigation of the area. A farmer Vyacheslav Kantur shared his calculations in a column on iAgro. He established the only plantation of this exotic berry in Ukraine in the Cherkasy region.

In 2018, the farmer planted the first 0.5 hectares with 500 seedlings. He is planning to plant another 5 hectares of kiwi next spring. Now he is preparing the soil for future plantings.

“The minimum yield per bush is 30 kg, and if there are a thousand bushes per hectare, the harvest will be 30 tons. With a purchase price of 1 €/kg of berries, €30 thousand per hectare is earned,” Kantur says.

In the future, he expects to receive an average yield from a bush at the level of 50 kg.

A large item of expenditure is kiwi seedlings. Their cost will depend on how much you need to buy. One plant cost $10. Buying 500 seedlings, the farmer paid $5 for each one.

Next is the cost of a trellis, because the kiwi needs good support. On a plot, little columns are established with horizontal crossbars on them. All this is tied with stainless steel wire. Such a construction can withstand a load of 100 kg and it costs $4 thousand/ha.

About $2 thousand/ha go to improve the soil. For example, kiwi can not stand black soil, it should be mixed with sand.

Another $2 thousand will be spent on caring for the plant for three years before the first harvest.

In theory, it may be obtained already in the fourth year, says Kantur. And immediately recoup your investment.

By the way, the farmer plans that in 2020 his plantation will expand to 10.5 hectares. This area will allow him to receive $500 thousand annually.