“Ukrspirt” revealed the details of its plans to create bioethanol production at its enterprises.

According to Yuri Luchechko, acting director of “Ukrspirt”, for this state-owned corporation modernizes 8 of its plants. They will be able to produce 170 thousand tons of bioethanol per year.

Half of this volume will go to the manufacture of alternative motor fuels based on 35% bioethanol. The rest of bioethanol will be exported.

The EU duty-free tariff quota for ethanol, which Ukraine has and which will increase to 100 thousand tons in 2020-2021, will support it.

“Ukrspirt” has the technical capabilities to produce bioethanol from starch-containing and sugar-containing raw materials. It also has free sites in regions where there is a sufficient amount of raw materials at affordable prices in Vinnytsia, Kyiv, Lviv, Ternopil, Cherkasy and Chernivtsi regions.

In addition, the experts of “Ukrspirt” have created projects for the production of biogas from recycled products, which is formed in the process of bioethanol production.

Later, the production of bioethanol and motor fuel based on it will grow much more, says Luchechko.

As we wrote earlier, “Ukrspirt” was going to create two large enterprises for the production of bioethanol in the Lviv region. One of them, the Storonybaby Spirits Distillery, is now a producer of food-grade alcohol. It is planned to increase its productivity, modernize and repurpose it for the production of alternative fuels.