Cheap competition from Ukraine and Moldova can shift Poland from the position of the European leader in the production and export of concentrated juice and frozen fruits and vegetables, Gazeta Pomorska reports with reference to the Polish Juice Producers Association.

50 thousand jobs may be at risk.

“Our juices and fruits are harder to compete at the price,” says the statement of the Association. “This is influenced by the fast-growing costs of doing business. Ukraine has been developing processing and orchards for several years and will soon flood Europe with cheap fruits. This could lead to the collapse of half the orchards and fruit processing plants in Poland.”

The Association urges the authorities of their own country to take legislative measures to strengthen the Polish fruit and vegetable sector. “We must strive to create producer groups and sales teams, professionalize sowings and expand our markets abroad,” concludes Julian Pawlak, president of the Juice Producers Association.

As we wrote, in the first three months of the 2018/2019 season, Ukrainian producers delivered to the foreign markets the record for this period 20 thousand tons of frozen berries and fruits and received $35 million of export earnings, which is 80% more compared to June-August 2017/2018 year.