Singapoor To Ship Ukrainian Fresh Berries To Singapore Is Expensive And With Quot Transfers Quot

Ukraine made a test shipment of blueberries to the Singapore market. The size of the lot was only 500 kg, and it was possible to sell it at UAH 250/kg (approximately €7.66). Of this amount, 28% or about 70 UAH per kilogram was the cost of logistics, says Taras Bashtannik, head of the company “Ukrainian Berry”, in an interview.

According to him, the purpose of the shipment was to explore the possibilities of logistics in such a distant market. A future market, as experts see it, in the fruit and vegetable segment as well.

Bashtannik says that while the culture of consumption of fresh berries is only being formed there. And blueberries, along with cherries and strawberries are just in trend now.

But it turned out that logistics in Singapore are quite complicated. It is much easier to supply fresh berries there from the USA or Australia.

“But we have to deliver the berry not even by direct flights, but via Istanbul. Accordingly, it is not known in what condition the berry will arrive after overload and temperature drops,” says the manufacturer.

In his opinion, in the near future, exporting fresh berries it is better to focus on the EU market, it is big, and it is “at hand”. Even though, it is more demanding on quality.

In addition, given the logistics costs in Singapore, in the EU you can actually get the same price for a fresh product.

At the same time, the Ukrainian Horticultural Association says that one of the best options for supplying fresh berries to Asia is their transportation by road to Istanbul, and only then they should be reloaded on direct flights at the airport.

This will prevent temperature extremes and reduce overall costs. This way, it will be possible to export berries to Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and other countries. And not only blueberries, but also raspberries, cherries, etc.