An average Ukrainian consumes 8 times less coffee than a resident of the EU, reports EtCetera, based on data from Eurostat.

In 2017, the European Union imported about 3 million tons of coffee in the amount of 8.8 billion euros, or 5% more than 10 years ago. On average, this is 5.7 kg per every EU citizen.

At the same time, last year, Ukraine bought only 31 thousand tons of coffee on foreign markets, 700 g per person.

In Western Europe, the main coffee lovers are Germans and Italians. Germany imported 1.1 million tons, or 37% of EU imports, and Italy, 552 thousand tons, or 19%. They are followed by Belgium (268 thousand tons), Spain (239 thousand tons), France (217 thousand tons) and the United Kingdom (161 thousand tons).

Kofe MinIn terms of each inhabitant, Belgium buys the most coffee there is 26 kg for one person per year. However, the lion’s share of this product is then re-exported to other countries. Most of all coffee in Europe is consumed by an average German (13 kg per year), Italian (9 kg), Spaniard (5 kg). The British are more used to traditional tea, and their coffee consumption is 2.3 kg per person.

Most of the coffee arrives in the EU from two countries, Brazil (840 thousand tons, or 29%) and Vietnam (627 thousand tons, 23%). In addition, grain is supplied by Honduras (211 thousand tons), Colombia (188 thousand tons), Uganda (149 thousand tons), India (148 thousand tons), Indonesia (141 thousand) and Peru (119 thousand tons).

As we wrote earlier, Lviv law-enforcers stopped the underground production and sale of surrogate instant coffee.