European McDonald’s chain and other fast food restaurants that offer french fries have suffered from the poor harvest of this crop as a result of drought in Northern Europe, Potatopro reports.

To make french fries, usually large potatoes are used but the current harvest has given smaller ones. Now many fast food chains have to adjust their technology.

“If the potatoes do not meet our specifications, this is important for the equipment settings in our restaurant kitchens, which measures, chops and roasts the potatoes,” notes Eunice Koekkoek, McDonald’s Netherlands.

Usually McDonald’s works with certain suppliers who grow special potatoes for the network, but the crop failure this year has affected them all, and the company has no other way than to use smaller potatoes.

“This does not mean that our portions will now consist of a smaller number of grams, just the length of the pieces will be less,” Koekkoek concludes.