Kerblam Kernel Oil Production Plant Will Be Checked By The Environmental Inspectorate After The Glyphosate Incident

In early December, the State Environmental Inspectorate will inspect the Poltava oil extraction plant, which is part of the Kernel agricultural holding, the State Regulatory Service of Ukraine reports.

The controlling services will assess compliance with the requirements of environmental legislation, as well as technological and fire safety.

Experts link these checks with the incident in the village of Ivane-Puste, Borschevsky district, Ternopil region. There was a massive poisoning of local residents after the airfield treatment of sunflower fields with the “Hurricane Forte” herbicide closer than 550 meters from the residential area.

The treatment was carried out by the company Agropolis, which is located in the neighboring Chertkovskiy district and, according to Youcontrol, is part of Kernel.

The State Service of Ukraine for Food Safety and Consumer Protection conducted an investigation into the poisoning, revealing that during the processing the procedure of informing the population was violated, the certificates of the agricultural enterprise employees for the right to work with agricultural chemistry were overdue.

In the soil near the village, an unsafe pesticide based on glyphosate “Hurricane Forte”, which is produced in particular by Syngenta, was discovered.

As we wrote earlier, the California court admitted that a Bayer glyphosate-based herbicide caused cancer in one of the locals, and after that, the company’s shares fell by more than 10%.