Technical Impossibility Farmers Poorly Take Subsidies For Equipment The Authorities Offer Them Already With Hindsight For 2017

The state partially compensates farmers for the costs of agricultural machinery and equipment of domestic production, which they acquired in 2017, but for reasons beyond their control did not receive the promised payments, the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine reports.

These changes are fixed by a special resolution of the Cabinet. Earlier, the authorities provided for compensation of 25% of the costs of equipment, which agricultural producers purchased if it is on the list of the Ministry of Economic Development. It includes about 2 thousand names of 60 Ukrainian manufacturers.

It is possible to acquire equipment only through state banks: Oschadbank, Ukreximbank, Ukrgasbank and PrivatBank.

A campaign, helping farmers to acquire equipment was not very effective, experts say. This is indicated by the numbers: from 945 million UAH, which the authorities provided for compensation, by the end of the summer, only 159.2 million UAH had been spent.

The reasons are the low demand for domestic equipment and the complexity of the procedure for obtaining funds. In late September, the government announced its intention to simplify this procedure.