In 2018, Ukraine is to sell to foreign markets a maximum of 50 thousand tons of honey against last year’s 68 thousand tons. This forecast was voiced by Vladimir Ruban, director of “Ascania-Pak”, delo writes.

At the same time, no significant changes will occur in the destinations of export, the expert believes. As before, the main deliveries will be made in the EU and the USA.

Following the results of 8 months of 2018, 22 thousand tons of honey have been exported from Ukraine, that is, about half of the expected. In comparison with the same period in 2017, the volume reduction is 40.5%.

In monetary terms, exports of honey fell by 31%, from $66.6 million to $46 million.

At the same time, Ruban says that if in 2017 the average selling price was $1.8/kg, then for the specified period of the current year it is already $2.11/kg.

However, it is worth noting that recently the prices are not so attractive. Market participants say that in the world due to an excess of honey, the demand for the Ukrainian product is falling. And if at the beginning of the 2018th export price was 2€/kg, then later it dropped to € 1.4.

In the domestic market, beekeepers sell it even for €1.16-1.22, which roughly corresponds to 38-40 UAH/kg.

This price forces manufacturers to restrain sales. Moreover, this year honey harvests fell due to the mass death of bees, while production costs increased.

By the way, according to the UN, Ukraine is the largest exporter of honey in the EU and is among the TOP 3 world exporters, along with China and Argentina.