If you make wine industrially, then you can get a profit in 5-6 years. It is about production volumes of 10-20-50 million bottles.

But there is another, European approach, widespread, for example, in France or Italy. There are many small winemakers who produce 100-200-250 thousand bottles of their product. Such production in Ukraine will pay off 15, or even 20 years, Ivan Plachkov, the founder and owner of the family winery “Kolonist”, told on the air of AgroFM.

That is, it is a very long-term investment. But the approach itself involves more creativity, such wines are better valued and more expensive.

In addition, if the brand gain popularity among consumers and become authoritative, then it will last 50-100 years or more.

“We have, for example, 34 hectares of vineyards. We produce 250 thousand bottles of still wine and 20 thousand of sparkling wine. When compared to other Ukrainian manufacturers, this is a very small volume. But according to European standards, this is such an average production,” says Plachkov.

According to him, in 2005, “Kolonist” planned to cover the expenses by 2013. But when the dollar rose from UAH 8 to UAH 28, production costs increased. That’s because some materials, such as bottles, corks, paper for labels are bought abroad for foreign currency.

In fact, they started making profits only now, that is, after 13 years.

Plachkov notes that it would be much easier to start production now. Ukraine has recently passed a law abolishing the need to obtain an infinite number of permits. However, bylaws that would help bring new standards to life have not been developed yet.

There are also difficulties with the land. Pending the lifting of the moratorium, the owners do not want to lease their plots for a long period.