Prices for apples and pears will rise sharply in November. A lot of harvests will not last until winter because of poor quality. This forecast was voiced by Alexey Doroshenko, director of Association of Retail Suppliers, GolosUA reports.

According to him, apples will “gain” one or two hryvnias in the price per month.

“Although Ukraine collects a good harvest of these fruits every year, their quality is gradually deteriorating,” the expert said.

Ukrainian manufacturers care of quantity, not quality. Therefore, the price of these products in foreign markets is disappointing. However, on the domestic market, it is approaching European analogs.

Forecasters predict that this winter the temperature will fluctuate at a level of +2 -3 degrees. This will speed up the rotting of fruits, the expert adds.

By the way, in Ukrainian agricultural enterprises, it is difficult to find a container of apples of uniform quality. The lack of proper sorting prevents domestic agricultural producers from searching for new markets to sell a record crop after the official ban on trade with Russia.

At the same time, Peter Lakhai, the analyst of the agrarian markets of the Ukrainian Agribusiness Club (UCAB), said that among Ukrainian vegetables and fruits, apples could compete in the EU.

Earlier it was reported that industrial apples were critically cheap, and then the price for them would only be falling, and the “invasion” of small fruits has led to the reduction of prices for pears by 20% at once.