The rise in price of domestic vegetables of borscht set did not affect only potatoes. Prices for it are the lowest in the post-Soviet space, EastFruit reports.

Ukrainian potato of high quality costs $ 0.12/kg, and, for example, in Georgia, agrarians sell vegetables on average for $ 0.30-0.34/kg, which is three times more expensive than ours. At the same time, prices in Ukraine are declining, but in Georgia, they are growing.

In a year, the cost of potatoes in the domestic market has not changed much. Stably low price, which is observed in recent years, is forcing many farmers to refuse to grow it and to look for more profitable niches.

In Moldova, potatoes are sold for $ 0.18/kg, which corresponds to the level of wholesale selling prices in the European part of Russia. Now there is harvesting and the product is becoming more expensive. In Poland, too, the price increased to $ 0.15/kg. This vegetable there is already 63% more expensive than last year.

In Tajikistan, potatoes traditionally have a higher price than in Europe, about $ 0.22/kg. The high cost is typical for the countries of Central Asia, because there are big problems with seeds and storage infrastructure, given the hot climate and early maturation.

The Ukrainian Fruit and Vegetable Association predicts that the export of potatoes from Ukraine in the new season may drop sharply. Meanwhile, experts note that in the world most of the products are exported in a processed form: chips, frozen French fries, potato flour, starch and much more. The domestic potato producers should pay attention to this.