The payback period of a fruit storage in Ukraine will be 49 months or slightly more than 4 years. This conclusion was reached in the analytical company Pro-Consulting.

Analysts have developed a business plan for the construction of a storage facility designed for the simultaneous storage of 1,000 tons of apples and grapes. They note that such an object can be located practically in any region, but it is better to choose a locality where more gardens are concentrated.

To build a storage, the investor will need to invest $ 1.7 million. Most of them, 44%, will go for design and construction work, 20% go for the purchase of machinery and equipment and 34% go directly to purchase fruits for storage and subsequent sale.

According to the Pro-Consulting calculations, there are storage facilities in the country capable of storing fruit with a total volume of 335 thousand tons, which is only 80% of the demand.

And, among them, there are few highly specialized. In most cases, owners take into storage other food products, providing 100% loading of the warehouse. Therefore, for fruits, there is still less room.

Consequently, there is still room for new enterprises to enter the market.

At the same time, market participants say that Ukrainian producers building fruit storage do not always know how to use it. For example, at the beginning of the year, there was a situation when in April four large companies unloaded their storage facilities.

A huge volume of apples came to the market, and prices fell sharply. Although it is usually at this time when the fruits give the greatest earnings.

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