Duck meat production in Ukraine decreased by 2.6 times in comparison with the beginning of the 2000s and now is only 26.5 thousand tons. This is reported by AgroTimes, according to calculations of FAO.

Only 10% of these volumes are provided by professional farms, the remaining 90% is grown by the population.

Some part of duck meat is produced by breeding duck farms. Mostly they are oriented to meeting the needs of the population in the daily meat of young ducks. For farms this type of product is rather by-side, experts say.

At the same time, market participants say that duck-breeding is a promising and interesting niche. In particular, this is an opinion of Yuri Melnik, the manager of the company “Kolosiya”, which has been growing French tribal ducklings in Transcarpathia for more than three years.

However, they are not going to keep commodity stocks in the near future. This requires a lot of space and additional investment, the expert says.

At the same time, according to calculations, a duck business with the right organization pays off in just 4 months. The bird gains weight quickly, it is strong and easy to care for.

Thus cultivation of ducks for sale is practically waste-free, because you can sell not just meat, but also a duck down. The litter is used as a fertilizer, in addition, the restaurants are ready to buy a duck liver at a high price.