Ukrainian ports refuse to transfer fertilizers, trying to work with the grains, says Alexander Mikhailov, CEO of Pride Logistics, during the agrochemical forum in Odessa “Infoindustriia” writes.

“Grain is a simpler cargo, and the margin at its transshipment is much higher,” explains Mikhailov.

He clarifies that mainly six ports are used for fertilizers in Ukraine.

But, for example, the “Nika-Tera” port, which was built for the transshipment of fertilizers by “Ostchem” company, has now completely switched to grain. All the covered warehouses on the territory of the port are used for storage of grain and sunflower meal.

Currently, mineral fertilizers in the transshipment structure of “Nika-Tera” take only 2%, while grain transshipment is 57%.

The ports of Odessa and Ilyichyovsk are also filled with grain, there are very few covered storages there.

The terminal “TIS-mineral fertilizers”, which was built for transshipment of phosphorites, is now also occupied by grain.

By the way, according to official data, in January-August Ukrainian sea ports transferred 112 thousand tons of fertilizers, while grain cargo was 27.4 million tons.