Since last year in Ukraine, there has been a peak in sales of bins for grain transportation. For the first year of operation, TD Egritech sold 55 units of this trailed equipment at once. The TOV Zavod Kobzarenko, which has been producing bunkers for 7 years made about 300. This was told by Alexander Stroganov, director of Egritech, in an interview with Agravery.

In general, the expert estimates the domestic market of bins in 3-3.5 thousand units and predicts that in the next 5 years they will be actively purchased by agricultural producers.

He explains that agrarians can save on harvesters using bunkers.

“A bunker replaces one harvester. Previously, the four of them were enough to harvest the whole field, they drove to the edge of the field and poured the grain into the carrier. Now you can use three combines and collect faster,” says Stroganov.

In addition, the pressure on the soil is reduced. The grain carriers push hard on the field and then it is harder to plow.

By the way, the period of operation of the grain bunker is 10 years. It unloads the grain in 3-4 minutes. The most innovative European models can be unloaded even in 1 minute.