The volume of counterfeit alcohol in the Ukrainian market has almost doubled compared to 2017. The businessmen are increasingly worried about protection of trademark rights, design, shape and size of the packaging, according to the European Business Association.

As noted in the message, the right holder is easier to prove the violation of intellectual property rights and the illegality of using his trademark, if the product differs from the original in one or several letters.

There are also other “tricks”. The fake products look like the original ones, that is, “plagiarists” use a similar font, color, and “create” non-identical, similar name. For example, on a label, instead of writing “champagne” or “whiskey”, they write that it is a “drink”. They do it to make a buyer purchase goods, betting on the recognition of the original brand.

There is a problem with the appropriation of names of drinks with a controlled name and origin, owned by well-known consortia, for example, Asti or Prosecco.

Buyers are advised to remember that similar label and bottle do not guarantee a similar taste.

By the way, the appearance of counterfeits on the market stimulates the growth of prices for alcohol, which makes the original product less affordable for consumers.

The last time the minimum prices for alcohol were increased by the Government in early September. Now, alcoholic beverages are to be sold at 12.4-19.6% more expensive, whiskey, gin and rum are 12% more expensive, cognac’s price rises by 6.6-9.5% and wines cost from 4.5% to 13.5% more.