Kids Agriculture In The Uk They Want To Twin Each Primary School With Farm

TV Presenter Chris Packham has said that all primary schools should be “twinned” with farms so children can understand how their food is produced and learn more about the environment, reports.

The naturalist highlighted the idea in his newly launched ‘People’s Manifesto for Wildlife’, an initiative aimed at improving British wildlife and environment.

With the help of 17 experts and scientists, Mr Packham listed proposals which look measures ranging at halting the decline of wildlife to educating young people on the environment, food and farming.

The manifesto states: “It’s one thing to believe nature is good for kids and another thing to establish habits that put that belief into practice.

There are currently more than 116 school farms in the UK, according to figures from 2017.

Tim Farron, environment spokesman for the Liberal Democrats, agreed with the proposal, and said children need to have more of a connection with the outdoors.

“Whether that’s tree planting in urban areas or farm visits in rural ones. If they get that when they’re young, they will want to protect our environment in the future,” Mr Farron said.

Other agricultural measures listed in the manifesto include a proposal to ban glyphosate, with a time-limited derogation for use in no-till farming systems until alternative weed control methods are developed.