The State Aviation Service made changes to the rules of using UAVs in the airspace of Ukraine and made them more loyal, in particular for the agricultural sector, Valeriy Yakovenko, the co-founder of DroneUA, said in a commentary for AgroDay.

The main changes concerned the UAV’s limiting weight, the maximum height and range of its flight, which can be carried out without warning of the relevant monitoring bodies.


According to Yakovenko, the changes made to the rules of UAV use in the airspace of Ukraine are especially significant for the agricultural sector.

“As part of the regular meetings of the group, the part of which I am, working on the development of new rules for the use of airspace by the drones,  there has always been an emphasis on the use of drones for agriculture, and the rules for the agrarian sector must be the most loyal,” he says.

If you look at the changes, then, for example, the boundary weight, which is now 20 kg, is quite sufficient for all types of drones that are used in agriculture. The same applies to the flight altitude set at 120 meters. For agriculture, this is quite enough. In the case of flights at high altitudes, it remains possible to reserve airspace.

“Another change concerning the range of flights, which previously was limited to 500 m, now has no strict limitations. A drone must be in sight of the person who manages it. This is a security issue. And this is a very important change for the agrarian sector, because there are fields in Ukraine, with a run up to 3 km, which need to be “inspected” by one flight,” says Yakovenko.

We recall that in June this year in Ukraine, the Interim Procedures for the Use of Airspace began, in which, in particular, restrictions were imposed on the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones). In connection with this procedure, only drones that were up to 2 kg were allowed to fly without the permission of the controlling authorities. In addition, their speed should not exceed 160 km/h, the flight altitude should be not more than 50 m, and the required distance from the pilot, should not exceed 500 m.

These rules were criticized by the media and the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine.