Ukrainian farmers have good prospects in Kazakhstan. It is about both: the supply of Ukrainian products to this country, and the creation of joint ventures. This was reported by Arnur Tanbai, the deputy ambassador of Kazakhstan in Ukraine, according to APK-Inform.

According to him, over 200 joint Kazakh-Ukrainian enterprises were registered in Kazakhstan in 2017, and in general, there are more than 900 of them today.

Tanbai says that today the most common project is the creation of joint agricultural enterprises in the field of small and dairy cattle breeding. At the same time, he hopes for more active cooperation with Ukrainian producers in the field of organic production.

“Ukraine traditionally remains for Kazakhstan a reliable partner in all sectors of the economy. But the most important for us is the Ukrainian experience in the field of organic production,” he said.

This was confirmed by Evgeni Klimov, chairman of the Kazakhstan Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements “KAZFOAM”. In particular, he asserts that the Kazakhstani market of organic products, which is now actively growing and developing, opens up good opportunities for Ukrainian farmers.

According to Klimov, demand for organic products in Kazakhstan is constantly growing and to date, the capacity of this market is over $ 300 million.

In addition to the fact that many specialized stores appear in the country, supermarkets also allocate separate shelves for organic products of Ukrainian origin.

According to the results of five months of 2018, Kazakhstan has become one of the largest buyers of Ukrainian chocolate, purchasing this product for $ 7.27 thousand. At the same time, a large number of poor-quality Russian buckwheat gets to Ukrainian domestic market through Kazakhstan.

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