80% of Ukrainians store food for the winter, 18% – do not conserve anything at all. Such data is shown by the sociological survey of the company Research & Branding Group, conducted from August 28 to September 6, 2018, according to Mresearcher.

This year the most common types of storage are the conservation of vegetables (77%), jam and juices (73%). Also, from two-thirds to half of the respondents make or are going make vegetable storages: 61% will put it into the cellar, 53% will freeze vegetables.

The freezing of meat was not so popular (34%), the purchase of long-term storage products (sugar, macaroni) is 33% and meat canning is 25%.

Konserv 1

The largest storages are made in the west of our country (90%), and the smallest are in the east (69%). Mostly rural residents do it, women and older people.

Konserv 2

“Winter supplies are a testament to the backwardness of society: low incomes, the need for many of them to have subsidiary farming, underdevelopment of the domestic vegetable market,” said Alexey Doroshenko, general director of the Ukrainian Association of Trade Network Suppliers on his social network page.

According to him, people also store food due to a significant fluctuation in prices for vegetables from summer to spring.