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Ukrainian vegetable growers present themselves as the unreliable partners in foreign markets. This opinion was shared by Denis Sazonov, former CEO of the “Green Team” company, in an interview with east-fruit.

At one time, the manufacturer was one of the first to establish an effective export of non-traditional vegetable crops, sweet potato, peeled onions. However, Sazonov says that the process did not work immediately. At first, they even had to work at a loss to establish long-term relations with partners. Only a year later the company reached a stable export sales.

The same goes for the other vegetable growers. To make money on exports, you must invest first. But, unfortunately, their logic does not change, says Sazonov. Producers concentrate on a short-term strategy “to earn here and now”, and in the pursuit of short-term profit, they forget to work for the future.

“For example, let’s talk about a situation with onion. At the beginning of the season, before harvesting, our producers were ready to export, earning a fixed margin. They carried out certain agreements with importers. But due to the fact that domestic prices rose, farmers began to doubt and ignore the agreements, established before”, Sazonov said.

As a result, vegetable growers lose their reputation in front of their partners, and Ukraine is not perceived as a serious stable player.

In “Green Team” we first worked on our image, and then began to sign very profitable contracts,” the ex-head of the company recalls.

Nevertheless, when starting export, he advises analyzing the market well. “It all starts with analytics. You need a clear definition of what you can do for the market,” adds Sazonov.