Frog Choker Ukraine Has Increased The Import Of Frog Meat By 8 Times

For the first half of 2018, Ukraine increased import of the frog meat by 741% compared to the same period last year. Although last year the supply of this product decreased by 67%. This is evidenced by data from the analytical company Pro-Consulting.

Rinok Myasa Zhabi 2

Experts note that frog farms are now a rare phenomenon in Ukraine, but it is a promising market niche, which is waiting to be filled.

And to grow these amphibians is not harder than to breed fish in the pond. The relatives of the edible Rana esculenta, the green lake and pond species, feel particularly good in our natural environment.

Most importantly, when breeding them in natural reservoirs, you should care about the fence, to not let frogs run away, the feed they find themselves. The advantage of this method of cultivation is cheapness, and the disadvantages are a large percentage of mortality, stopping growth and entering winter hibernation.

It is more efficient, though more expensive, to breed them in closed terrariums, where there is artificially favorable climate, feeding with the purchased food and the control of reproduction and further life of animals is carried out. Using this method, an edible frog may gain up to a kilogram of weight during the year and a half.

It is also advantageous to sell frozen frog legs both on the domestic and on the foreign market (now the US and EU markets are promising) at a price of $ 10-12/kg.

Now the raw frog meat in Ukraine is about 400 USD/kg, and in restaurants, 200 grams of it will cost 200 UAH. In addition, the skin can be sold to manufacturers of shoes and haberdashery, the rest may be sent for processing: for feed or fertilizer.

By the way, the sale of domestic frogs was well-established in the 70’s of the last century in the western and southern regions of the Ukrainian SSR. In those days, to the European market, mainly to France, up to 100 tons of delicatessen were sent annually.

It was previously reported that the frog business is paying off during the third year.